Jordi Nus


Jordi Nus, composer.


Recently awarded on Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival (2017), Jordi Nus is a composer and violinist based between New York and Barcelona. He graduated with a Master of Scoring for Film and Multimedia in the New York University as a recipient of the prestigious Alan Menken Scholarship.

His most recent credits include upcoming Catalan miniseries “Vida Privada” (directed by Silvia Munt and coproduced by TV3),  orchestrations for the documentary “LA 92” (produced by National Geographic), violinist for Netflix TV Series “Ozark” and PBS documentary “Swim Team”.

Nus is also a very active concert composer and his symphonic and chamber works have been performed all over the world: Beijing (China), Groningen (Netherlands), Toulouse (France), Los Angeles (USA), Barcelona (Spain)… 

Some of his awards include: 2017 Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival, 2015 Film Scoring NYU Competition (New York), V Amadeus International Contest of Choral Competition (Spain) or XII City of Reus Child Choir Competition (Spain).



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